do you underline or italicize titles of ?

Image: iClipart

Quotation Marks–Quotation marks aren’t just used when characters talk to each other in a story.  They are also used around titles for all of the following:

  • songs like “Welcome to the Jungle”
  • newspaper articles
  • TV shows that are not part of a series
  • short stories
  • magazine articles
  • poems
  • reports and papers
  • encyclopedia articles

Underlining–Some titles have to be underlined, rather than quoted. Only underline the title if it’s hand-written. If you’re typing a title, use italics instead. The following titles should be underlined:

  • plays
  • movies like Rise of the Guardians
  • encyclopedias
  • books
  • magazine titles
  • CDs
  • paintings
  • newspaper titles
  • web addresses (URLs—don’t italicize these)
  • long poems (50+pgs.)
  • TV shows that are a series
  • long stories (50+pgs.)
  • ships

One other handy tip, if it’s your own title, don’t underline, quote, or italicize it. By doing so, you would be saying, “By the way, I didn’t write this!”


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