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How to #Teach thesis statements w/#EdTech #TeacherTools

Free Thesis Generator Graphic Organizer

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In years past, I’ve used this fantastic graphic organizer to help teach the concept of thesis statements to students ranging from seventh grade to eleventh grade. It really helps them break down their thesis into manageable parts before they embark upon the writing of the whole essay.

Along with this great teacher tool, I use this video to show how a thesis statement is used to prove a point.

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Advanced Outline Template for #Students and #Teachers of #English FREE @ EnglishEmporium.WordPress.com

Template showing how to do an outline for a five paragraph essay, using six quotations within the body paragraphs.

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My sophomores have been working on a fairly complex research paper lately, and I wanted them to incorporate at least six different quotes from three different sources in their final drafts. However one of the big problems students have, is avoiding the quote-on-top-of-quote-on-top-of-quote pileup. So I’ve implemented this outline template, to help my students “sandwich” their quotes between comments of their own.

I hope other English teachers and students will find it helpful.

How to Write a Thesis Statement


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Before I go any farther in the area of research papers, I need to discuss thesis statements. Yes, it’s in the curriculum, but a lot of teachers don’t even know what one is, much less how to teach the art of writing thesis statements. So here’s the YouTube video I created entitled “What is a thesis statement and how do I write one?”

The title pretty much says it all: this video teaches students (and teachers) what a three-point thesis is, and it explains how one goes about writing such a sentence. Next week, and the week after that, I plan to offer two handouts that accompany this video, but if you need those handouts immediately, you can find them on my Pinterest page.

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Anyway, here’s my video: “What is a thesis statement and how do I write one?”


Thesis Statement Rap Tutorial


I realize I just posted a thesis tutorial video last week, but I thought I’d show you this other one. That way, if you’re thinking about teaching thesis statements in January, you have two videos to choose from.

This one goes better with a historical report or research paper, whereas last week’s focused on Careers.

Free Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer / Worksheet to Accompany the YouTube Video

How to teach students about the trustworthiness of websites like Wikipedia

Image: iClipart

So my last post displayed the YouTube video that I created for teaching thesis statement basics to kids/teens. It’s especially helpful if you’re teaching the three-point thesis that coordinates well with a fundamental five-paragraph essay.

Today I’m posting the handout (graphic organizer) that goes with my video. You’ll find the questions on this worksheet–especially the questions on the first page–match the questions and concepts on that YouTube video that I posted last time.

Just in case you’re not good at navigating through my blog, here’s a link to the YouTube video that goes with the following handout:

Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer

Have fun teaching thesis statements folks! And remember, show your gratitude for my freebees by linking, posting, and spreading the word about my helpful websites. Thanks a bunch!