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How to #Teach Students to Correctly Cite a Website: #Education


Teaching students that the Internet isn’t an open forum for plagiarism is a daunting task. I mean, everybody uses stuff on the Internet without asking permission. Kids see their parents do it, their friends do it, and even other teachers. It’s the Information Age, for the love of Pete!

But we all know it’s not that simple. When our students grow up to be adults, they’ll probably be working for businesses that function as much online as they do in the real world. These kids have to learn that the Worldwide Web isn’t a free-for-all. We must ask permission to pin or post. We must cite our sources and offer links back to the original posters of information. It’s the legal way of doing things, and by golly, it’s good business.

So here’s my handout for correctly citing a website. I use it with research papers and the like. Should you decide you want to use this document, please show your appreciation by pinning it to your Pinterest page, liking it on Facebook, and/or tweeting about it — yes! You have my permission to do so!

Handout asking key questions of research students, like who publishes this website? When was the website last updated? etc...

This is only Page 1 of this handout. If you want Page 2, please visit my Pinterest page (link below).

If you visit my Pinterest page, you can locate and print Page 2 of this handout.

Want to know where this brilliant idea comes from? I’m Chelly Wood, and although I’ve taught English/language arts for 20+ years, I also moonlight as a YA novelist. My tale of a Latina teen who finds herself pregnant without a baby daddy will be released in July of 2016 by Reputation Books. It’s called Sunkissed Sodas, and you can see the book trailer on my YouTube channel.