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Image of a scanned list of medieval research topics, ranging from Joan of Arc to farming during the middle ages.

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You’re invited!

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Image: iClipart

Pretend you’re throwing a birthday party for a person from history (like Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Buffalo Bill Cody, Amelia Earhart, or Alexander the Great). You’re welcome to research the historical figure of your choice in Wikipedia before you start this assignment. Once you’re ready to write, submit a comment that’s written like an invitation to that historical figure’s birthday party.

Remember your internet safety rules: don’t use the names, addresses, or personal information of anyone real. Just imagine where the party might be hosted and what might be on the invitation. If you were throwing a party for Buffalo Bill Cody, for example, your invitation might look something like this:

Buffalo Bill is turning 14, and you’re invited to his birthday party!

  • Where: 75 Lakota Lane
  • What time: 2:00 to 5:00 PM
  • Date: February 26, 1860
  • What to Bring: As far as gifts go, he likes animal hides and cowboy hats. A tomahawk might be a good idea too.

We’ll have games (like pin the tail on the buffalo), yummy Indian fry bread to eat, and fun prizes for all!

Please RSVP.