white man in suit and tie presenting PowerPoint presentation at white board

Image: iClipart

For all you English teachers out there, here are the PowerPoint presentations that I use in my classroom. You’re welcome to download these, adapt them to fit your assignments, and use them with your own classes:


Editor’s Guide for Letters

Scoring Letter to Parent

Scoring Letter to Santa


Editing a Poem


Editing Guide for Proofreading Stories

Scoring Stories for the Six Traits


5 Para Essay Edit

Scoring Essays for the Six Traits

Editing the VFW Essay

Self-Editing Any Document

Self Editing

Handouts to Accompany Presentations

Six Traits of Good Writing Score Sheet (You can photocopy two on one page to save overhead costs.)

Six Traits Writing Log (Students record their writing goals here and keep a record of their scores in every category.)

Writing Process Cover Sheet for Any Subject (This is a score sheet that suits any curriculum: math, science, social studies, etc., and it’s especially useful to any teachers who really don’t like to grade writing.)


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