How do you create an outline for an essay? Well I’ve got an easy-to-follow format that I use with my English/language arts students. It’s useful at the middle school, high school, and even college level. Just copy the dark words exactly but plug in your own wording wherever you see light gray words. Here’s the template for my basic outline for an essay on any topic:

Outline template shows how to create an outline using a three-point thesis statement

This is Page 2 of my Outline Template. Please visit my Pinterest page to get page 1.

And here’s a more complex outline:

(Image to be posted later today….)

Do you need tips on writing a good thesis? Visit my YouTube channel, which offers two different videos about how to write thesis statements:

And if you want tutorials on the steps in the writing process, that can be found right here:

There’s also this page, right here on English Emporium, that helps you write thesis statements.


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