New System Vs. Old

There are two different ways to address an envelope for mailing through the United States Postal Service.

  1. New System: Use all capital letters, no punctuation marks. This system is often used by businesses, and the address is usually typed.
  2. Old System: Both capital and lower-case letters are used. Punctuation is also used. This system is primarily used for friendly, less business-like letters. It is generally hand-written.

Example of Old System Envelope:

Lesson Plan for Teaching Students How to Address an Envelope

Image; iClipart

Example of New System Envelope:

Image: iClipart

Some Tips:

  1. Using the new system may speed up your letter’s delivery time, especially if you’re mailing in a large population area.
  2. Abbreviate whenever possible on an envelope, because it saves space.
  3. The stamp always goes in the upper right-hand corner of an envelope.
  4. Leave a slight margin around the edges of the envelope, so it can be easily read by machines at the post office.

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