JunkyardWhen writing stories, it’s important to use good description. One of the things you can do to help you create descriptive scenes in your stories is to use your five senses to help you imagine the scene.

Let’s say your character is lost in a junkyard. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does the junkyard look like?
  • How do the old cars smell?
  • What can your character hear? (For example, can he or she hear the sound of a dog barking in the distance?)
  • When your character leans against a rusty old car, how does it feel?
  • If your character stops to eat something, what does it taste like? (We use this one the least, but it can be helpful in some scenes.)

So once gain, the five senses include the following:

  • sight
  • smell
  • sound
  • touch
  • taste

In my classroom, I use an activity called the “description boxes” to help my students organize their sensory vocabulary. Here’s the description boxes worksheet, which must be used in conjunction with a thesaurus:

Description Boxes


Another tool I use to help my students create imaginative characters is a “character sketch.” This worksheet asks a series of questions about the character. Once you answer those questions, you should find your story beginning to emerge around the character itself. Here are my “character sketch” questions:

Character Sketch Practice Table


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  1. I nominate
    1. There was a man who was wanted for killing a man that his friend had killed.
    2. Justice and Olive were the worst sisters of all time.
    3. There once was these mermaids that lived on this coast.

  2. There once was was a squirrel who was named Luigi. He lived in the frosty wilderness out by Great Lakes. He was alone. All he saw was green trees everywhere. One day he saw a cute girl squirrel named Talon. She was as beautiful as a flower. Talon came up to Luigi to say hi. She was puzzled for a second and then realized where she was at. She said she ended up here when she got knocked out by a vicious dog. Luigi asked her to stay with him until her family came to save her, but then a month passed. A hawk flew by and left a note for her. The note said that her parents were lost in the forest and were never found. She was sad. Luigi said she could live with him. She was kind of happy to have a really good friend, but she will always miss her parents.

  3. One morning Jessy woke up.Jessy looked out the window and she yelled SNOW!She really wonted to go outside and play in the snow so she got on her worm clothes and got all dresed up.So jessy went outside and went over to her friends house and called her to come outside.Jade is hi what are we wating for lets start to play in the snow we shold have a snowball fight what a great idea ok you get on the other side and I will stay here.Lets start to make snowballs and then we can start to play ok are you ready to start yes are you yse ok at the count of three one,tow,three go….. so I got a snowball and packed it hard and looked at her and threw it and I got her and we had a great time it was fun. We had lots of fun together we wanted to do this every day .

  4. Ther was a kid named Pedro who hated to fight. But ther was a kid who keeped picking on him, so he got mad for the first time ever he wanted reveng. So he got into a snowball fight. He turnd into snowball ninja. They got into a fight. Pedro dodge the first snowball. The kid got mad and ran near him and Pedro swated him with the snowball.The kid hit the ground but he jumped up and trew a nother snowball and missed him. Pedro is as quick as a ninja so the kid had to act as a ninja to fight the ninja. So he dodged the snowball but still new he wasent gonna win. So he ripped the mask of and figured out that its his best friend so they had hot chocolate and got along.

  5. I nominate
    1.One morning I woke up on this beach.
    2.There once was a man that was a crazy lock smith.
    3.There was a man who was wanted for killing a man that his friend had killed.

  6. It was Christmas Eve and thirteen year old, Kyo, was waiting excitedly for Christmas morning. He wanted a new iPod but what he has always wanted more than anything in the world was a horse. He was playing with his Wii to pass the time but then his mom told him to go to bed. He just layed in bed and didn’t realize it earlier that he was really tired. Then a few seconds passed and he fell asleep. It was finally Christmas morning. He ran down stairs and saw his mom waiting for him to go outside with her. He flew down the stairs with excitement. As he walked out the door he saw this beautiful, brown colored, female horse. She was perfect for racing, and she was in good conditions to enter in the fair next year. He named her Kiro. He was so happy he told his mom thank you and gave her a hug. Then he got on his horse and rode her to meadow nearby. He tried so hard to train the horse and she understood him. She was like a friend he never had since he was homeschooled. By the time it was summer he had already won 47 first place awards for horse racing. He would have won 48 but he broke his leg and got a head injury when him and his horse got in an accident. His horse still tried to help him when he was getting put in the ambulance even though she had a few injuries herself. When he came home from the hospitol two weeks later his horse was there at the front of the house ready to comfort him. After he recovered they were back racing and hanging out together again. Kyo and his horse make a perfect team.

  7. There once was a squirrel named Tohru. Her family and friends of squirrels were always disappointed in her. She never could do anything right at her job, school, and everywhere else. Everyone always made fun of her. One day she decided to go to the park nearby to get all her troubles off her mind. There was a cold breeze since it snowed the day before. Then all of a sudden as she was walking by the pond and swings she heard someone crying for help. She found a poor stranded flying squirrel that had it’s foot caught underneath a branch. She was scared to death she didn’t know what to do. Then she decided to get a little boy’s toy truck he left behind in the park, and she used it to move the rock a little. Then the scared flying squirrel was happy when his foot finally came loose from underneath the rock. He was so thankful that she came by. Then she realized he was the prince of the forest that her family lived in. His name was Prince Yuki. He told her some kids in the park tried to kill him by throwing rocks at him. After that they ran because at that moment those kids came back. They were in the park again. It has been a year later, and they got married that day at the park. Her parent and friends were so proud of her because she was wise now and she wasn’t as clumsy and thoughtless as before anymore. Then they went to this giant oak tree by the pond, and they began their happy lives together there.

  8. once there was a kid named jack ,but jack wasnt a normal kid. he could throw like a pitcher in a baseball leage. He could throw 90mph. Jack loved snow because he can beat anybody at a snow ball fight. Jack was at school and he heard about a snow ball touramant. It at the park on monday jack will be ready.
    to be continued…

  9. I Nominate
    1.There was a man who was wanted for killing a man that his friend had killed.
    2.I was about to face my biggest fear in all my life.
    3.There once were three little bears.

  10. I nominate
    1.There was silly little angel named Sara.
    2.There once lived two chidren who were eight years old in a boat with cracked blue paint along the beach
    3.There once was these mermaids that lived on this coast

  11. I nominate:
    1. There was a man who was wanted for killing a man that his friend had killed
    1.There once lived two chidren who were eight years old in a boat with cracked blue paint along the beach
    1.There once lived a sea turtle who was three months old

  12. I nominate:

    1. This adorable couple met because of some friends.
    2. Their was a man named George with a horrible wife.
    3. This tree trunk has a horrible story behind it.

  13. 1. Should I do it? Can I really trust myself with this?
    2. There once was these mermaids that lived on this coast.
    3. Justice and Olive were the worst sisters of all time.

  14. A long time ago there was a girl, that was about twelve years old and her name was Abagail. She felt like she was never important and like she never fit in. So, she decided to find somwhere where she did belong.
    Abagail seceretly was saving to run away to Hollywood. She thought, ” Oh, there’s thought of weird crazy people there. Maybe I can fit in there.” When she was fifteen she headed to Hollywood.
    She planned to take a plane, but that idea went down the toilet when they wouldn’t let her on the plan because she didn’t have parents permission.
    As Abagail was sitting in the airport planning out how to get to Hollywood. As the employees at the airport saw her pull out all her maps they got suspcious.
    They ask her if her parents knew she was there and she got busted. Abagail was returned home, but she still plans to leave someday.

  15. This adorable couple met because of some friends. The guys name is Frank and the women’s name is Bobbie. They went on their first date to the Pizza Shop. They watched people hand make pizzas. They even got the chance to hand toss the pizza they would eat together. His father had taught him how to treat a woman. He knew Bobbie would want to go on a second date. The second date they went down to the private pond his dad owned. They went out in the water in the canoe. Bobbie learned why he had taken her on this date. Frank took her in this date because they had to use teamwork to row the canoe. Frank thought she was a wonderful pretty woman. The date ended they both went home thinking about each other. That night Frank went out to his local Jensen Jewelers and bought a ring. He was waiting for the right moment to “pop the question.” They had another date their third date. They went to Outback Steakhouse. They talked about how both their parents approved of each other. He was going to wait until the next date to ask her to marry him. When she got inside she told her parents about how wonderful the date was. He was full of joy and excitement for he was going to marry this wonderful woman any day now. The next day they went on their fourth date where he would propose to Bobbie they would go on a sleigh ride. It was planned and set in stone. She agreed to go on the date. Frank about half – way through the sleigh ride Frank asked, “Bobbie will you marry me?”
    Bobbie replied, “Oh yes Frank I will!” Bobbie was weeping with joy. When Bobbie got home she told her parents the great news. They were glad she found the right guy for her.

  16. Justice and Olive were the worst sisters of all time. They were always fighting and beating each other up. Their mother was so tired of them bickering. So she told them to go outside and play in the snow. Justice and Olive stomped outside because they clearly didn’t want to go. At first they started building their own snowmen. That didn’t last long. Olive, the oldest, threw the first snowball. From then on, it was a just a cloud of raining snowballs. Victory in hand, Olive ran inside for some hot-chocolate. Justice was so mad because she always loses. Even in snowball fights. She also went inside to get a drink. When she saw her sister inside, revenge boiled inside of her. The next thing that happened was sort of a blur. Justice tackled her older sibling and and started hitting her. Olive and Justice still fight to this day, but neither of them will forget that snowball fight.

  17. There was silly little angel named Sara. She needed to get her full wings’ power. She had to fly around in a car until she got that power. The only way to get that power is to make a Christmas miracle. There was a little girl who selled matches to earn enough money to buy her father his first Christmas gift in twenty three years. She was out in the cold on Christmas eve. She kept on thinking how happy her father would be in the morning when he saw a present with his name on it under the tree. She knew she shouldn’t, but it was fifteen below zero and she was freezing. She thought that just one match wouldn’t make a difference. She lit it and saw her father’s face when he opened the present. She felt this happiness inside her when she lit it. Every time she lit a new match, she saw a happier site. Before she knew it, she was all out of matches and the happy feeling was gone from her. She had no money to get the present for her father, so she was scared to go home. She slowly lost awarenes. Her father found her cold and dead outside surrounded by matches on Christmas morning. He couldn’t stop crying. The little angel named Sara knew this was her chance. While her father was crying over that little girl’s body, Sara put life back into the girl. The girl started crying too because she had no gift for her father. He said it was fine and that he was just glad she was okay. After all the tears were shed, the little girl and her father were going to the store to buy her a lollipop. Right before they went into the shop, Sara had caused a one hundred dollar bill to come into the pathway of the little girl. The little girl found it and was able to buy her father one hundred dollars worth of food for a big Christmas dinner. They had a big Christmas dinner and enjoyed each others company. They lived a long and happy life for a long, long time.

  18. There was a man who was wanted for killing a man that his friend had killed. His name was Ken Smith. His best friend, Brian Tillot, killed a random stranger for the excitment. He had been in a crazy hospital for the last three years. He didn’t want to spend his life in jail, so he blamed it on Ken. After finding out that someone had been killed, the whole town started a riot against who they thought had been a murderer. They chased him all acroos town. To the boundary that ends town limits, a cliff that has at least ten feet between the next part of sturdiest ground. When they chased him to that point, he had to make a choice, and fast. He could risk his life jumping, or he could go to jail for life. What should he do? There was a fifty-fifty chance he could make the jump. If he made it, he would get away and find another town to live in. If he didn’t, he would plunge at least five miles to the bottom of the canyon and die a horrible death. If he didn’t jump, there would be a one hundred percent chance he would get arrested. He decided to try the jump. The riot was about twelve yards away. If he was going to jump, he was going to have to do it now. He gathered up every last ounce of courage he had, and pounced. A surprisingly strong man caught his foot before he made it. After struggling along the edge of the cliff, he got the man off of him and tried it again. This time he made it, barely. He was able to go find another town, and live happily ever after.

  19. I was about to face my biggest fear in all my life. I was about to jump a giant 20 foot gap, and a 20,000 foot plunge to hard solid ground with sharp rocks. This jump was the biggest jump I had ever done in my whole life. I was so scared of plunging to my death I almost chickened out but I had to do it. I was going to do it so I started at 50 yards back and I took a dead sprint. I was running as fast as I could and I jumped! When I hit the ground I was still alive and on the other side. I was so excited I couldn’t believe it I actually did it. I jumped the gap that no one else has ever done, I was really proud of myself.

  20. There once was a man that was a crazy lock smith. The man was a good lock smith but he was a crazy man. The lock that he is holding, that lock took three years to make. The man worked on the lock day and night just to get it done and finished. The lock was a very big lock so he had to have a lot of help, so he got help from all his family members. His family members were Joe and Bob those were his only cousins. Joe was a very smart 20 year old and he was going to join the family business. Bob was the smart one also and he had no clue about the family business and didn’t care about lock smiths. All bob wanted to do is be a teacher so he was staying in college getting a major in science. Joe always made fun of bob but bob didn’t care what Joe said he just kept going to college and getting good grades. When the lock smith and Joe were done with their big lock, and bob was done with college. The big lock sold for $50, and bob got $500 for teaching for three years.

  21. There once were three little bears. They all lived deep in the forest. The three little bears were also very good friend. Then one day the bears were getting very bored, so they decided to go for a walk. The three little bear were walking and walking when they came to a new park opening. The three little bears were so excited and very hungry so they went into the new park. The little bears were walking into the camp when they suddenly come up to a road. This road was packed full of cars and they couldn’t get in were the fruit tree was so they waited and waited and finally they said to each other the people should have food. So the three little bears walk up to this car and they decided they were going to do anything for food. The little bears danced and danced on their back paws until they got enough food. The three little bears were so full they thought that their stomachs were going to explode. The three little bears made their way back to their cave and slept through the whole night.

  22. The holidays are a hassle. Especially around Christmas. My mom always makes candy plates. Me and my brother take some to our teachers. My mom makes a lot of them. The worst part is getting the ingredients. My favorite part is making the candy. My parents also give them to friends. My mom is giving some to work this year. That is why Christmas is a crazy holiday.

  23. There were three little boys named Josh Homes who was ten, Jake Homes who was eight, and Owen Homes who was four. Mr. and Mrs. Homes had both needed a job because they didn’t have enough money to survive. In the newspaper they found an add for a job in the circus. They had an interview with the owner of the circus. He asked them all sourts of personal questions, like how many kids they had and what gender were they? Why did he want to know this? Mr. and Mrs. Homes had no idea, but they still answered honestly because it was a paying job, and they needed the money. The owner of the circus said they could have the job,on one condition. Their three little boys had to join too because the people they were replacing had three little boys too, who played a major part in the circus. They needed all five positions filled, not just two. Mr. and Mrs. Homes took the jobs whether their children liked it or not because they were despararate for money. They came home and told the kids everything that had happened. The kids were not at all happy with what had happened, but they knew they needed the money. They were only with the job they hated for about three weeeks. Mr. and Mrs. Homes were able to find a way better paying job. The two adults were able to make more money in three days time than all five of them put together had made in the three weeks time at the circus. The parents loved that job. They were all happier and became rich. The boys all got married and had big, happy families. They all lived for a very long time and got to see each other often. Thse first couple years of their lives were nothing but a distant memory. They all lived the rest of their lives happy and together.

  24. Boy am I in the doghouse now. I’ll tell you what I did, I broke a window, dented my dads car on with my bike, and broke my mom’s favorite lamp. So I am hiding in here until everything cools down. That might take a while. I’ll just say my brother did it. I am going to get grounded for life. Jeez this sucks worse than the time I faked the lifegaurd into kissing me. Wow, that was bad. Even though it was entertaining. Hopefully the old saying “Mothers love you unconditionaly” is true.

  25. You know the story about those three bears right? Well we are just like them only the same age. We hang out in Yellowstone National Park. Mostly looking for handouts and this guy is refusing to give us some!Can you belive that? Some people are so inconsiderate they need to be shaken up a bit. So until he gives us some food we shake him and anyone else inside that grumbling monster. You here that so please just give us food if you are coming. This is a warning! Give us food!

  26. My name is Tomas, I am in the military. I am on off-time so I {after a drink or two} bet my freinds that I could fly them in my plane. Thats when this picture was taken. Anyway I started down the runway and took off. That alone was an amazing feat, what with the added wheight. we went about three feet up and across twenty feet before we put it back down. When we hit that stupid gas barrel. Right now I have second degree burns and telling the reason that I totaled a plane. I am going to be court-martialed and discharged. At least I get to go home and see my mom and dad agin.

  27. There was a man named George who had a horrible wife. She was always making fun of him and beating him up. One day she had beat him up so bad that he was completely covered in crimson red blood. George was so sick of being beat up, that he left. He didn’t know where he was going to go, or how he would get there if he decided. He just had to get away from his terrible wife. He went and found a dog house with a dog who lived in it. He decided to live there since he had nowhere else to go. The dog was a stray, and some nice person made the dog house for it. For about a year, Goerge ate out of dumster and would sneak into people’s houses for water. He was happy because he didn’t have his wife to beat up on him.After about a year he was able to find a job and get enough money to by a house, get a divorce, and get married to someone he truly loved. George and his new wife, Clarissa, lived together for a long time. They died happy and felt truly loved throughout their whole lives.

  28. Once upon a time me and my dad were in the woods. We were driving around trying to find a place to camp. Three bears came up to our car. we stopped the car. One of the bears said ,” My name is Pickle. Do you have any food?” We were so shocked we could not speak. I replied ,’We have in the trunk.” That was the worst mistake in my life. the bears dashed to the trunk. Pickle opened the trunk. Once the bears bellies were full they introduced them-selves. One said,” I’m Pinky.” A rather odd name for a bear. One said,”I’m Pepper.” my dad drove off. I was so sad. Me, Pinky, Pepper, and Pickle talked about flying pigs, purple elephants, and dancing cows. That was one weird day.

  29. Should I do it? Can I really trust myself with this? Below me I saw a huge ten-foot gap between the rock I was standing on and the narrow rock that seemed so far away. If I missed it, it was a 10,000 foot drop to the jagged rocks below. Ouch. I backed away and then ran full-speed towards the edge. I got a face full of rock and felt like I broke my nose and every-other bone in my body. Wose than that, I was slowly sliding off the rock. What could I grab on to? I saw a sliver in the rock and stuffed my bleeding fingers into it as much I could. I managed to pull my aching body to the top, moments from a painful death. I ran away to safety, feeling like I had accomplised the world, but knowing I had almost taken my own life.

  30. I was walking along the beach and felt the wind through my hair, then I stopped and found some sea shells then I started walking again I almost stepped on a jelly fish barefooted and my mom said watch were you step there is a jelly fish over there be careful. My sister asked my dad if she could take it home he said ya but it has to die first so it don’t sting anyone.

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  31. Every other summer during August my family travels to the Oregon Coast. During June and July all I can think about is Oregon. I don’t know what happened this year, but we weren’t able to go. It’s probably because our summer was so busy and we already had gone to Lagoon. Last year my sister and I had a great time. It just feels like you are free when you are running around in the sand. The water was so cold and chilling I could barely stand it! My sister and I would make sandcastles and would bury my dad in sand up to his neck. When my dad would say it was time to go, my sister and I would cry, ”No, no, no!” The best part of coming home from the beach is telling everyone how much fun you had. If I never am able to go to the Oregon Coast ever again, at least I know I have the memories from the times that I did.

  32. This tree trunk has a horrible story behind it. A long time ago, there was a beautiful girl named Willow. Every day she would visit this tree trunk. One day, at the market, she met this handsome man named Louis. The next day she saw him again and he asked her to dinner. She agreed and that night they fell madly in love. The next day, she showed him her favorite spot by the tree trunk. They talked for hours until she noticed she was very late. When she got home her father was so mad that he grabbed her by the neck and drowned her in the lake behind their house. The next day, Louis found her floating in the lake and swam out to her. He decided to bury her beside her favorite tree trunk. From that day on, he would always visit her tree trunk and cry.

  33. It is hard walking along the majestic beaches of the Carribean Islands not to think,”This place is really beautiful and peaceful.” But I had other things on my mind. I had dropped out my first year of collage and now with the cold foam water splashing upon my feet, I had nowhere to go. How was I supposed to make a living with no education? As all the thoughts about my future were spinning in my head, I decided to take a break. I sat down in the fine sand and looked at my beautiful surroundings. I saw the palm trees swaying in the warm wind, I heard the waves crashing against the beaches. Just the thought of being there made me want to paint. I now knew what I was going to make my money off of. I painted the waves, the trees, and the beaches. Now I am peaceful.

  34. There once was these mermaids that lived on this coast. This coast was a very scary coast. It was always gloomy there. There was always dark clouds. It was as if something bad was destined to happen. These mermaids were not ordinary mermaids. These mermaids were enchanted mermaids. They could get legs if they were dry, but if they got a tiny little drop of water on them they would sprout a tail right where they stood. They also had powers. They were very special. They would head back to the very scary coast every night. The reason they lived there was so nobody would find them in mermaid form. They had very sad lives. They could never live anywhere else. They lived the rest of their lives very depressed.

  35. There was a child named Jonah who was five years old. His family went to a beach for the summer. While they were there, Jonah found a weathered wooden stockade. He loved that stockade and would only stop playing on it when his mother yelled at him. One day he went over there without his mother’s permission. His mother was worried because she had no idea where he was, until suddenly she spotted him. He was playing on the stockade again. He had started to climb over the stockade when his mother yelled at him to stop, but he couldn’t hear her. Right when he reached the top of the stockade, he slipped. A pole from the stockade plunged right through five-year-old Jonah’s heart. He died instantly, right before his mother’s eyes. His mother was never happy again. She died blaming herself for Jonah’s death.

  36. There once lived a little boy who loved the ocean. His name was Robert and he was ten years old. He had always wanted to go into the deeper part of the water. He swam in the shallow part of the ocean for his entire life. One day he thought about going to the deeper water while his mom wasn’t watching. He had soon decided against it. While he was playing in the shallow water on that day, he saw a man in deeper water. Robert was soon able to spot a shark fin coming towards the man. Robert yelled as loud as he could ,but the man couldn’t hear him.Robert tried to make it to the lifeguard in time to tell him the situation, but he was to late.The man had yelled, then the shark took off his head. The water turned a bloody red color around the man’s body. Robert hated the beach from then on . When Robert went to the beach,he never entered the deep end. Throughout his lifetime though, he never forgot that horrible site. Robert died very sad and very alone.

  37. There once lived a sea turtle who was three months old. Her name was Jenna. Jenna liked the coast. Ever since she was born, she had always wondered what was on top of the rock cliff that was along the costline. She would imaine wonderful pictures in her mind like a dry, weary desert, or a tropical, wet rainforest. Jenna didn’t have any friends to share her thoughys with, so she would play games with herself. Sometimes she enjoyed being by herself, but most of the time she longed for a family and friends. One day she decided to go and climb the cliff to see if her familywas a tropical rainforest. Jenna looked and looked,but she couldn’t find her family. She climbed down the cliff and was a little upset. She swam as far as she could until, suddenly, she found one of her own kind! She was so thrilled that she just started hugging the other sea turtle. His name was Tanner. They soon fell in love and got married. Soon they had a family of their own and they all lived happily ever after.

  38. I was in Mexico for my spring break vacation. When I was in Mexico I went to the beach to go swim. I saw these cliffs. I swam out there to jump off the cliffs into the water. I thought it would be fun. I got out there my brother was already out there getting ready to jump off. Then he jumped off. I got up to the edge. I was scared to look off the cliff. I took a couple steps back. I ran and turned around right before I jumped and I jumped off doing a back flip off the cliff. When I hit the water I was like I’m doing this over and over and over again. I got up there again and I jumped off. I did a dive into the water it hurt my head. After that stoped and swam around in the water. I swam to my brother and ask if I could go fishing. He said don’t ask me cause I don’t know. I got out of the water and dried myself up. I looked for my mom and I found her. I asked her if I can go fishing and she said with what boat. I was like oh yah we don’t have a boat. I went back to the water and I saw the people I didn’t know and they were jumping off the cliffs, so I went over there and it was these people that live in Mexico. I started to jump off the cliffs with them. Then it was time for bed swam to my mom and she said lets go so I went with her and we left to go to our hotel.

  39. I was at my grandma’s house in California. I was swimming at this beach,and I saw these rocks. I wanted to see if I could climb on the big pointy rocks. I got over there, and I was on the rock and I jumped off into the sand. My grandma saw jumping off the rock, and I got in trouble. She told me not to do it again. When she turned around I did it again and I broke my ankle and I started crying. My grandma heard me, and she ran to me. She picked me up. She ran me to her car and took me to the hospital. When I got out of the hospital a week after it happened I told my grandma I will never did it again. The next time I go there I’m not doing it again.

  40. One morning I woke up on this beach. I saw a boat right next to me. I asked myself how did I get here. Then I started walking around to see if I find anyone. I saw something running, so I chased after it. When I got up to it I found out it was a monkey and it chased me, so I ran to my boat. I got on the ground right next to my boat, and then I grabbed my boat. I pulled it over me. When the monkey got to the boat it sat on the boat. I tried and tried to push the boat off of me. It made me so mad because I couldn’t even move the boat. A second after that I heard a something like a helicopter I just stayed quiet and then I heard something. Then I heard a gunshot, and the monkey fell off the boat. Then I heard footsteps, and my boat that was over me got pulled off of me. I sat there. There was this guy staring at me and then he was like let’s get off this island. He grabbed me and sat me up. I got up, and then I hopped in his helicopter and was in the air. He looked at me.
    How did u get here he asked. And why are you here.
    I said I don’t know and he looked at me then opened the door of the helicopter. He pushed me out of the helicopter, and shot me in the air. He missed and I landed in the water. I swam to the island and I stated to live there. A month later I found enough food and put it in my boat. I made a rain protector and left the land, and I didn’t find land in till a week later. When I got to land I didn’t know where I was, and I figured out that I was at the same island where I left from.

  41. There once was these mermaids that lived on this coast. This coast was a very scary coast. It was always gloomy there. There was always dark clouds. It was as if something bad was destined to happen. These mermaids were not ordinary mermaids. These mermaids were enchanted mermaids. They could get legs if they were dry, but if they got a tiny little drop of water on them they would sprout a tail right where they stood. They also had powers. They were very special. They would head back to the very scary coast every night. The reason they lived there was so nobody would find them in mermaid form. They had very sad lives. They could never live anywhere else. They lived the rest of their lives very depressed.

  42. If I was a fruit I would be a pear. I like pears. You could can pears. You can eat pears whole. You could make a salad. You could make recipes with pears. You could slice them and eat them. That is why I like pears.

  43. There once lived two chidren who were eight years old in a boat with cracked blue paint along the beach. Their names were Annie and John. They were twins. John was older that Annie by ten minutes. They lived in that boat because their mother and father had died when they were both three. They loved their boat with cracked blue paint because it was the only home they ever knew. They always had so much fun in it. When it rained they would turn the boat upside-down and play thumb wars. They always ate fish and caught the rain in a tube they found washed up on the shore. Then one day a boat came in and found them. The people on the boat asked them to come with them.They were scared and ran away from the people on the boat. The people on the boat thught that they were to strange to take with them, so they left them. After they were gone, John and Annie cameback to their boat. They lived there and never did leave their boat with cracked blue paint along the beach. They lived long and died happy.

  44. There once lived a horse who got on the wrong boat. The horse’s name was Henry. Henry had ment to get on the boat to go to Europe. Instead he ended up going to San Diego. San Diego had recently been bombed, so there was a big blob of nothing.Henry stayed mostly on the beach where most of the grass grew. When he was thirsty, Henry went to the only building that hadn’t been bombed down. The building had a leak in the water tube, so a pool of water was created. Since Henry spent most of his time on the beach, he loved to play in the water. One day he was playing in the water and got hungry. Henry decided to go to the sandy part of the beach and eat the grass since there was so much of it. While he was eating Henry saw the most beautiful horse he had ever seen. Her name was Gloria. She had gotten there the same day he had, just about two hours later. The two horses fell in love and had a baby. Then Henry died because he was bitten by a rattlesnake. The baby had died too because on its first day of life it drowned in the water. Gloria lived a long,disapointing life on the beach with all the grass because she lost both her husband and baby.
    The End

  45. Grandpa’s footprints led to an old rotten tree trunk that had been buried by sand fifty or sixty years ago. How old was Grandpa back then? A little baby? A growing boy? A sturdy young teen? Perhaps it was he, who built the row of driftwood fenceposts bound together with rusty wires. Maybe his father had hollered at him to “Pick up those pliers and get back to work” while he looked out over the shallow water at the storm clouds on the horizon.

    His father, now long dead, isn’t here to appreciate the longevity of the project. Weathered wooden fenceposts still form the stockade that surrounds our beach house after all these years.

    • If I was I a fruit I would be a cherry. You could make a salad with them. You could make a milkshake. You could eat them whole. That is why I like cherries.

  46. One morning Ella Neil woke up. She looked outside. She saw that it had snowed. She went outside. She saw footprints in the snow. She followed the footprints here and there. She saw that a squirrel was making the footprints.

    • If I were a fruit I would be a banana. I love bananas. They are my favorite fruit. You could make a banana split, a banana milkshake, and a lot of other things you can do with a banana. You could dip them in chocolate. Yum. You could eat them whole. You could slice them and eat them. I love bananas.

    • If i were a fruit I would be a strawberry. I think strawberries are delicious. My grandpa grows them in his garden. When they are ripe he tells us to come over for some strawberry shortcake. You could dip strawberries in chocolate. You could make a milkshake out of them. You could eat them whole. You could make strawberry ice cream. I love strawberries because there is a lot you could make out of them.

    • If I were a fruit I would be a cucumber. A lot of people think there a vegetable. They are a fruit because scientists say ”that when they have seeds that are parts of the thing it is a fruit. If the seeds are part of the plant it is vegetable. Cucumbers can be used in salads, juices, and other things. That is why I like the cucumber.

    • If I were a fruit I would be an apple. Apples are delicious. They can be used in many different things. They can be used in an apple pie. They can be used in baked apples. They can be used in some salads. They can be dipped in chocolate. You can eat them whole. Plus there are so many different kinds of apples. My favorite type of apple is the red delicious. That is why I like apples.

      • I gave you credit for the first submission you did, 1<Perry. When I post a new journal question, you may submit ONE comment on the new journal question for up to 10 points of extra credit. Then you need to wait for the next journal question (apprx. one per week) to submit another comment for points.

  47. Firewood for the Winter

    The Arctic blast blanketed the ground with thick snowy carpet. Sarah Sixkiller’s skilled hands maneuvered the rusty pliers, removing the wire from the potbelly stove’s latch. Heat poured from the stove as she added the last three pieces of wood.

    “Hey, Jake, it’s your turn to get more firewood,” she said, “By the way, you’ll need the crowbar, that was the last of the wood. You better start outside grandma’s room, she’s already moved her bed in here.”

    • Fannie, first let me say that I love your online pseudonym. Second, that was a fantastic example of creative writing. It’s exactly what I’m looking for, and I can tell which of the photos you’re referencing here. Thanks for your contribution! 🙂 I hope you don’t mind if I show this example to my students…

      • Esther, I loved the photos. Thank you for the compliment. I would be honored if you use it as an example. Have fun with it. Good luck with the start of the school year.

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