punctuation lesson plans for middle school high school

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Wish you had a hard copy of everything on this website, so you could look totally smarticus? Download this free grammar guide: “The English Handbook Pages“.

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And if you’re just stumbling upon this website, don’t forget to check out the blog section, where I give away free teacher handouts, lesson ideas, and links to all the great videos I create.


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  1. i nominate
    1.There was silly little angel named Sara
    2.Justice and Olive were the worst sisters of all time
    3.A long time ago there was a girl, that was about twelve years old and her name was Abagail

  2. there family go to tipe and girl said i take picture and family take picture and got on and and go down the girl said mom said be ok poeple die but one live that girl said mom mom and she find and mom said care and girl said mom you can’t die but her mom die and girl said mom and she cold and wofl see she and girl run and wofl run to get food and girl she come on so wofl go and girl kill th wofl and sleep and she walk more and girl said right here and poelpe said there girl they and girl want home but to diffler family and girl live and the end

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