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Hobbit Topic #28

teacher lesson plans for fantasy genre jrr tolkien father of modern fantasy

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Yippee! It’s Friday! And you’ve read to page 290. We’re almost DONE reading The Hobbit. So let’s reflect on genre.

Look back at the journal entries that you and your classmates submitted for Hobbit Topic #9. Also, return to the link to wikipedia’s fantasy page. Read through it as well. Now that you’ve read The Hobbit, a book written by the acclaimed “Father of Modern Fantasy”, what’s your revised definition of fantasy? How do you think Tolkien’s life experiences helped to shape the concept of modern fantasy? What elements of Tolkien’s fantasy world–Middle Earth–effect modern video games, the movie industry, and pop culture in general?


Hobbit Topic #27

lesson plan for plot discussion in jrr tolkien the hobbit lord of the rings

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Now that you’ve read to page 280, let’s look back at the plot. What order did things go in? If you look back at the events listed in Hobbit Topics 25 and 26, you can see that each of the drawings made by yourself and your classmates is a snapshot of an event from the story.

For this journal, put each event in order. What happened first? Second? Third? You may want to go back and write a brief description of each picture’s theme in your spiral notebook before you do this. There are 21 events listed in all, because student #15 moved away and there never was a student #1. Please number your responses to make sure you’ve included everyone’s theme.

Hobbit Topic #25

list of dwarves in the hobbit along with other major and  minor characters

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The following is a list of the art assignments each student was given, in Mrs. Sparhawk’s class. For today’s journal, click on the link that applies to the character you drew for Hobbit Topic #24. So, for example, if you drew “Bombur asleep beside the Enchanted River”, then you will click on the link “Bombur” which is highlighted below.

The link will take you to a wikipedia page, which will include information about the character you drew. See the bottom of this journal page for further instructions.

Character Art Assignments for The Hobbit

2. Anjelica: Draw Gollum paddling his boat away from his underground island.

3. Matt: Draw the trolls, Tom and Bert, sitting around their fire.

4. Rick: Draw Smaug attacking Esgaroth.

5. Megahn: Draw Bilbo Baggins at the top of a tree, in the middle of Mirkwood.

6. Kahlan: Draw an intelligent spider wrapping dwarves in cocoons.

7. Christina: Draw Thorin Oakenshield standing before the secret entrance to the caves below Lonely Mountain.

8. Tori: Draw Gandolf fighting off the Wargs with magic, flaming pine cones.

9. Derek: Draw Fili and Kili emerging from empty wine barrels, along the shores near the Lake-town of Esgaroth.

10. Cooper: Draw Bard the Bowman protecting the Lake-town of Esgaroth.

11. Haley: Draw Elrond in the Valley of Rivendell.

12. Shariah: Draw the Lord of the Eagles speaking to Gandalf on the Great Shelf, with the Green River plains in the distance.

13. Kevin: Draw the Great Goblin convicting Thorin and Company, from his stronghold in the goblin tunnels.

14. J.C.: Draw the thrush a the entrance to the city of Dale.

15. Student #15 has moved.

16. Amy: Draw a pony at the entrance to Mirkwood Forest.

17. Morgan: Draw a wood-elf in the Elvenking’s underground court.

18. Kalem: Draw Bombur asleep beside the Enchanted River.

19. Addee: Draw the Master of the Lake-town, Esgaroth.

20. A.J.: Draw Dwalin and Balin at Bilbo’s tea party, in Bilbo’s hobbit-hole.

21. Autumn: Draw Bilbo wearing mithril, with the dragon horde behind him.

22. Misti: Draw a gobin soldier, guarding the exit from the goblin caves.

23. Gage: Draw Beorn in his home setting, with his animals around him.

Your assignment for Hobbit Topic #25 is to become an expert on the character you’ve been assigned. Know everything there is to know about him/her/it. In the front of your spiral journal, jot down the following to help you:

  1. at least five important facts about the character or creature you were assigned, based upon the link to that character/creature in wikipedia
  2. any details that might be helpful in determining whether or not the drawing you created for Hobbit Topic #24 was accurate
  3. information needed to correctly cite wikipedia in a report

For your journal entry today, do the following in the response you submit here:

  1. list the five facts you learned about your character
  2. if you made any blaring mistakes in your drawing, describe them
  3. cite wikipedia correctly, telling exactly where you got this information, and including the URL (which you can paste into your submission reply box, by opening another tab and going back to your wikipedia page)

Hobbit Topic #24

teacher lesson the hobbit drawings student pictures of characters

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If you’re ready for Hobbit Topic #24, then you’ve read to page 250. When you come to class today, your teacher will hand you a piece of computer paper. On this page, draw a character from The Hobbit. (Perhaps your teacher will assign you a specific character.) Here are your artistic requirements for this journal entry:

  • Locate a description of that character in the book and pay close attention to how he/she/it is described.
  • Fill the entire page with your drawing. Don’t make the image too small, please.
  • If time allows, color your character, using colored pencils.
  • Label your character with a heading or title, using bubble letters that are easy to see from afar.

At the end of class, you will be asked to present your character, so if you have extra time, look through the pages of The Hobbit until you find action involving that character. Jot down a few things that are important to remember about your character.

For teachers: I’m attaching the assignment sheet that I used. You can just type over my students’ names and replace them with your own. I cut out each assignment and handed it to the students in class. Here’s the link to download this document: Character Art Assignments for The Hobbit

Students, you’re welcome to add comments regarding your opinion of this journal assignment, but they will not be counted as extra credit.

Hobbit Topic #23

lesson plans for teachers dwarves in the hobbit

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If you’re on page 240, then you know the dwarves and Mr. Baggins are now wandering around a place that Thorin Oakenshield once called home. It has been deserted for a very long time. Think about how that must feel for Thorin, to see his old home in ruins, the corridors dank and dusty, the halls quiet…

Now imagine visiting your own home town under similar circumstances. What if your entire town was abandoned and became a ghost town? What would it look like? How would it feel to walk down Main Street? What would you see? Write a paragraph describing your town, your own home, and your school after a terrible event has driven the people away. Use some creativity to imagine what would’ve driven everyone away. Please read the warning before you begin:


When you do this assignment, be VERY CAREFUL not to mention the real name of your town, the name of your school, your friends’ names, your family members’ names, etc…

Hobbit Topic #22

dwarves dwarfs in the hobbit by jrr tolkien

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You’ve reached page 230. Let’s review. Copy the following questions into your “comments” box, then answer each one, to the best of your memory.

  1. How did the dwarves manage to enlist Bilbo as their burglar?
  2. What has Gandalf’s role been from the very beginning?
  3. What was the most frightening thing that has happened to Bilbo so far, in your opinion, and why did you choose that particular event?
  4. Which of the dwarves seems to be the most prominent (noticeable) figure, and why is he so important to the story?
  5. Why do you believe the dwarves needed Bilbo? In other words, why can’t they achieve their goal without him?

Hobbit Topic #21

jrr tolkiens biography

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Now that you’ve posted three facts you think are (most likely) true about Tolkien, let’s see what he was really like.

Click this link to Wikipedia’s Tolkien page and read THE ENTIRE BIOGRAPHY on Wikipedia. Don’t skip stuff.

Now add a comment to this post, listing three facts about Tolkien that no one else has posted.