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Topics for #ResearchPapers: #Artists List for #Teachers @

Image of a scanned list of artists and painters in alphabetical order.

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When I was a brand-new English teacher, I used to wonder what topics to use for research papers. The first time I tried teaching research papers, I let the students choose their own topics. Ha ha ha! Sure, I got some great research papers on skateboarding and Minecraft, but I also got some real duds.

One kid even did a so-called research paper on cow manure, just so he had an excuse to use the “sh” word in class when quoting local dairymen he had interviewed!

Kids can be soooo creative that way.

To help anyone who’s struggling with research papers, I’m going to post lists of possible research topics over the next few months. Today I’m starting with artists. Next I’ll post a list of inventors. And at the end of this series of blog posts, I’ll make a list of medieval research topics available to you.

I should also point out that English Emporium already has a ton of stuff on research papers available for you to download and print, including:

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Here’s a #Writing #CoverSheet for All #Teachers in Every Subject!


Writing Cover Sheet for Any Class Subject

Have you ever been asked to offer up a cover sheet that the science teacher, the math teacher, and even the PE teacher can use? Well as an English teacher, I’ve been asked to provide this many times. Here’s the one I use.

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SIOP #LessonPlan and Checklist for #CommonCore #Geography Standards for Teachers

Image of checklist for SIOP covering all 7th grade curricular requirements for 7th grade geography to achieve common core standards.

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A friend of mine who teaches 7th grade Geography created this fabulous checklist. It helped him make sure he had taught each of the common core standards for 7th grade Geography. Next week’s posting is the second half of the checklist page: a lesson plan template that accompanies this checklist, so if you teach geography, be sure and check back with me next week for the second half of this helpful SIOP common core standards checklist and lesson plan template!

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Here’s a great way to get your students to #Read #Nonfiction #Library Books!

Page 1 of a classroom worksheet to accompany a DIY craft project library book.

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This is only page 1 of the worksheet I’ve used in my classroom while teaching nonfiction reading to my students. It’s a fantastic group activity sheet. And here’s how the activity goes:

  • Bring a cart full of DIY and craft project books from the library into your classroom.
  • Pass out a different book to each student.
  • Divide students into groups of three to five students.
  • Have students work in groups to fill out the worksheet.

Now this is only page 1 of the worksheet. Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until next week to download the second page in the activity!

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Advanced Outline Template for #Students and #Teachers of #English FREE @

Template showing how to do an outline for a five paragraph essay, using six quotations within the body paragraphs.

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My sophomores have been working on a fairly complex research paper lately, and I wanted them to incorporate at least six different quotes from three different sources in their final drafts. However one of the big problems students have, is avoiding the quote-on-top-of-quote-on-top-of-quote pileup. So I’ve implemented this outline template, to help my students “sandwich” their quotes between comments of their own.

I hope other English teachers and students will find it helpful.

What to Consider When Choosing a College: Top 10 Considerations #ACT #SAT #education


When I show this video in my classroom, I ask the students to a.) put these priorities in order of importance, according to what they value most and b.) share within groups why they put each feature in the top, bottom, and middle areas of their “What’s important in a college” list of priorities.

It helps each student decide what’s most important to them, their families, and their future.

Entertain your students with this “Career & College Readiness” video! #edtalk #edtech #schoolcounselor


I use this Q&A video for a “Jigsaw” teaching activity:

Have kids pair up. Each student copies 8 questions from the video. One student copies the even-numbered questions; the other copies the odd-numbered questions.

Then give the students an opportunity to research answers to the questions using a laptop or tablet. They can google the questions and write down the answers they come up with.

At the end of the research portion of the activity, students get back together with their partners and share what they’ve learned, in order.