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Jane Austen’s Emma — Journal Prompt #5

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According to Wikipedia, Emma takes place during the Regency period in England. Explain what that means and give examples of how that setting effects the social issues in this novel.


Jane Austen’s Emma — Journal Prompt #4

characters talking about themselves in 3rd person POV in Jane Austen's Emma

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In the following quote: “Mr. Woodhouse was almost as much interested in the business as the girls, and tried very often to recollect something worth their putting in. ‘So many clever riddles as there used to be when he was young–he wondered he could not remember them! but hoped he should in time.’” Mr. Woodhouse appears to be talking about himself in the third person point of view. What’s strange about that? Can you find three other instances, in the novel Emma, in which a character seems to speak of themselves, using the third person point of view? Quote these (and give their page numbers) and offer an explanation for why you think Jane Austen wrote these segments using third person POV.

Jane Austen’s Emma — Journal Prompt #3

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Take a look at the following quote:

“He has more invitations than there are days of the week.”

Now answer the following questions, regarding this quote:

  1. On what page in your copy of Emma do you find this quote?
  2. To whom is this quote referring? What character, in other words, are they talking about here? And how do you know that/how can you tell?
  3. What literary device does this quote use?