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Printable score sheet which uses the six traits of good writing to score students and help them set goals for future writing projects.

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This is the six traits of writing score sheet that I used for more than 20 years in my English classroom. I like it a lot because it offers sections for “What you do well” and “What you need to work on.”

Remember that the PowerPoint scoring guides I’ve created (and editing guides) are available on this page in English Emporium, so if you want, you can use these PowerPoints to have the students self-score or score each other. That can save an English teacher a LOT of time!

You’re welcome to use this in your classroom, but please show your appreciation by sharing, liking, and/or pinning it with a link back to this website. Thanks! (Those links, by the way, will take you to my various social media pages where you can find this post, if it’s a recent one.)

Also, if the school where you teach offers a Secret Santa program, you might want to check out my Secret Santa blog at that link. It offers free poems, craft patterns, and gift ideas for Secret Santas/Secret Pals. The holidays creep up on us awfully quickly!


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