FREE Printable #ShakespeareSunday Puppet Pattern for #EnglishTeachers and #Thesbians

Image of two-dimensional paper puppet pattern pieces, including arms, legs, head, and clothing items. Overlay says, "English Emporium dot Word Press dot com."

Visit for more free patterns and printables for English teachers.

Yes, here’s the female puppet pattern I created for my students to use in my sophomore English classes during the 2015-1016 school year. You’re welcome to download and/or print this for use in your own classroom, but please be so kind as to help promote this website by sharing, liking, and/or pinning the image. Thanks! (Those links, by the way, will take you to my various social media pages.)

Next month I’ll release the video showing how we used these puppets in a video production of Shakespeare’s Othello. However, this puppet will work for nearly any play with a medieval or Renaissance setting.

If you’ve just stumbled across this post, the easiest way to find more Shakespeare teacher tricks, tips, and tools is to click on “Shakespeare, William” in the side margin’s menu.

I’ve also created a number of sewing patterns for Barbie-sized dolls in a video production of Romeo and Juliet. If you’d like to see my free, printable sewing patterns for Renaissance costumes for dolls, please visit my most popular website,


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