Icebreaker Activity for the First Day of School



Handout with graphic organizer boxes and text questions like "what do you already know about (left blank for teacher to fill in)"


I realize it’s the end of the school year, not the beginning! But I wanted to offer the icebreaker that I used last year. It gave me an immediate summary of each kid and his/her special quirks. Just print this off and shove it in your desk until next year.

I photocopy the top portion to the back of the bottom portion, filling in the blank area on the bottom section with “this class,” so it reads, “What do you already know about this class? What do you think you know about this class but you’re not sure? Now write three questions you still have about this class.”

But this exit-and-entrance slip handout can be filled out so many different ways to help teachers of every subject make a quick assessment of what their students already know and what they still need to learn.

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Over the summer months, this blog focuses more on my adventures as a novelist and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. But when school starts again in the fall… I’ll be back with more free worksheets and activities for everyone!


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