Alternative #TeachingMethods for #PartsOfSpeech #EnglishEducation

Image: iClipart

Image: iClipart

Last week I posted my alternative vocabulary/spelling lessons; this week I’m posting the methods I’ve used for teaching parts of speech.

  1. Mad Libs (if you haven’t used them yet, let me just say they’re a favorite of students from 2nd through 12th grades)
  2. Parts of speech basketball = go to the local “Dollar Store” and buy cheap basketball hoops. Affix them to your classroom wall under posters that say “Noun,” “Verb,” “Adjective,” etc. Have a list of words ready — they can even be your spelling words for the week (but usually spelling words are nouns, so mix in a few extras too). Divide students into teams, and give each team a Koosh Ball. The teacher calls out a word, and teams must try to shoot the Koosh Ball through the basket belonging to the right part of speech. Keep score based on accuracy.
  3. With each vocabulary list you give, have students keep a “Parts of Speech” notebook. Once every other week or once a month, have students copy spelling words into their “Parts of Speech” notebook on pages labeled “Nouns,” “Verbs,” “Adverbs,” etc…
  4. Read parts of speech books by Ruth Heller. (See link to her Amazon page.) Discuss what makes an adjective an adjective, what makes an adverb different from an adjective, etc…
  5. For additional tips and guidelines on simplifying parts of speech for your students, please visit this page and read its descriptions for each.

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