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I’ve done lots of letter-writing projects with my students over the years, and below you’ll find a list of some of the projects I’ve found to be most helpful:

Have your students write to the current US president.

Give students an opportunity to select a celebrity address and write to the celebrity of their choice, asking him/her to send an autographed picture in the mail. (A lot of them really do!)

Read a book by a living author lots of kids appreciate (like Jane Yolen, Stephanie Meyer, or Rick Riordan), and have the students write letters asking questions they still have about the plot, characters, and/or setting in the book.

Have students write to a pen-pal at a nearby school. (Make arrangements with their teacher in advance.)

Write a letter to Santa, and send it to North Pole, Alaska.

These are just some of the letter-writing ideas I’ve used in my classroom over the years. I hope some of my ideas were inspiring for you!

I’ll be on vacation with my family until the end of December, so you won’t hear from me again on English Emporium until 2016. Happy holidays, everyone!


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