Co-Publishing and #Publishing With #Audible: A class with @bethjusino


The following are my notes from Beth Jusino’s class entitled, “Publishing Facts and Fictions with Beth Jusino,” which I attended at the 2014 PNWA Summer Writers’ Conference. If you’d like to learn more about publishing from Ms. Jusino, I highly recommend her book, The Author’s Guide to Marketing (available on Amazon).

Options 4 and 5: Co-publishing and Audible

There’s something called co-publishing (i.e. BookTrope and SheWrites Press). These are situations when the publisher asks for money from the author, but the royalties at the end are much higher.

Use Predators and Editors and Writer Beware, where authors talk about their publishing experiences, to do your research if you plan to co-publish.

Do you need to have an e-book at all? E-books take up 30% of books sold. A large percentage are sold through Amazon, and that number is heavily weighted by category. These are largely genre books (mystery, sci-fi, thriller, romance, etc.) whereas literary fiction, travel books, etc. are not as well-represented through this medium.

A lot of people are seeing digital publishing as an opportunity, but pay attention to where your readers buy books. If they tend to buy your kind of book in a traditional bookstore, you shouldn’t be focused on e-publishing.

Audible only accounts for 10% of the books sold. — At this point Ms. Jusino’s class ran out of time.

She wrapped it up with a little information about the book she has written. I purchase this book at the PNWA Conference Bookstore, and I found it was worth every penny. It not only helps you plan how to market your book, but it offers a marketing workbook at the back of the book, which is designed to help you organize your marketing strategy, breaking it down into achievable goals. I highly recommend this book for writers of every kind and category!

Jusino’s book, The Author’s Guide to Marketing, helps people come up with a plan for marketing. It takes the fear-factor out of building a marketing plan for authors.

Beth Jusino helps authors come up with strategic marketing plans. She’s a firm believer that authors are the best salespeople for their own work. No one will represent your book as well as you.



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