How can #writers use #Pinterest to market their #books?

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As many of my regular followers know, I’m not just an English teacher. I also moonlight as a YA novelist. My tale of a Latina teen who finds herself pregnant without a baby daddy will be released in July of 2016 by Reputation Books. It’s called Sunkissed Sodas, and you can see the book trailer on my YouTube channel.

I use Pinterest to build trust with my readers and create a following that may later help me promote my book when it’s published. If you’re a writer, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to market your book, because let’s face it, Pinterest is FUN!

According to Mashable, “Pinterest drives more referral traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined.” So how do you get on the train? Just start a Pinterest account. Create boards that interest you and make you happy. Create boards that inspire your novels. (I have a few of these “Inspiration Boards” myself!) Create boards that will draw in your reading audience.

And how do you get that referral traffic? I use a watermark on all of my own images before pinning them. If you look at the images I’ve posted over the past few weeks on this website, you’ll see a watermark stating that these images came from That’s what drives traffic back to this website.

A word of caution here. You can’t just pin random clipart. It may be copyrighted. I invested in a little $30 photo studio set on Amazon that consisted of three photography lights and two photography umbrellas. Then I converted my daughter’s playhouse into my snapshot photo studio. Now, with only a cell phone and Microsoft Paint, I take pictures, add watermarks, and post them online.

What do I take pictures of? The foods I prepare for special occasions. Crafts I’ve made. The doll clothes I love to sew.

Consider your hobbies. Do the people who will want to read your book seem like the same people who might enjoy your hobbies? If so, post pictures of the things you create: cookies, Christmas ornaments, wind chimes, hand-made jewelry, etc… And if you’re not savvy enough to use Microsoft Paint or Photoshop to embed a watermark on your images, just type your website into the “description” box when you post it.

For a more detailed overview of the ways in which authors can use Pinterest to promote their books, I recommend reading “34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand” by Kimberley Grabas.


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