Works Cited Page MLA (Part 2)


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Last week I gave you the first page of my Works Cited handout. This week I’m offering a couple of great things… first, I’ll show you my MLA-style Works Cited handout (page 2); then I’ll give you a great PowerPoint presentation you can use with your students to help them learn how best to edit their peers.

Why believe me? How can you be sure I know anything about writing, editing, and citing literary works? I’m Chelly Wood, and although I’ve taught English/language arts for 20+ years, I also moonlight as a YA novelist. My tale of a Latina teen who finds herself pregnant and married to a total stranger will be released in July of 2016 by Reputation Books. It’s called Sunkissed Sodas, and you can see the book trailer on my YouTube channel.

So now that you know a little about the lady who rambles in English Emporium, without further ado, here’s my second half of the Works Cited page I posted yesterday:

Image connecting the Works Cited page to footnotes used within a written essay.

Want to see Page 1? Go to my Pinterest page. The link is found below.

Now that your research paper is complete, including the works cited page, you’ll need to have your students do some peer editing. But you know the routine…

You tell them to swap.

They read each other’s papers.

They’re done.

Nobody found any mistakes.

How do you avoid the “Crappy Editor” syndrome that’s common among middle school and high school kids? I have the kid swap multiple times, and with each swap, they edit for a different category within the six traits of good writing. And here’s the PowerPoint presentation I use when guiding my students through these steps:

5 Para Essay Edit

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