Thesis Statement Maker


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Last week I showed you the YouTube video I created entitled “What is a thesis statement and how do I make one?” Today I’m going to give you the handout/worksheet that I give my students to help them make a thesis statement. It simplifies the three-point thesis, breaking it down into bits and pieces, and it helps the writer assess whether or not they have enough information to prove their thesis.

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And don’t forget that these freebies are coming to you via YA author Chelly Wood, whose YA novel, Sunkissed Sodas will be released in 2016 by Reputation Books. My book has a Latina main character who… well, just visit my YouTube channel to see the trailer if you’d like to add one to your school’s library. Thanks for flying with Chelly Wood’s English Emporium!

Anyway, here’s my favorite thesis statement maker:

Graphic organizer designed to help students create their own thesis statement

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