Outline Example for Research Paper



Last week I showed you my phenomenal template for creating an outline on any topic. This week I’m sharing the sample outline I’ve used when teaching my students how to do a research paper on careers. The nice thing about doing a research paper on careers is that you cover so many state standards by having them research that particular topic: writing, nonfiction reading, and even career and college readiness!

Below you’ll find my sample outline on careers. Feel free to print it for your students, but however you choose to use it, please show your appreciation by liking this page on Facebook, pinning this image to your Pinterest pages, and/or tweeting about this blog to all your teacher friends (and writer friends). It’s just a nice thing to do!

And remember my name: Chelly Wood. In July of 2016 my first YA novel, Sunkissed Sodas, will be published by Reputation Books. You’ll want to make sure your school’s library has a copy. It’s all about a Latina teen who… well, just visit my YouTube channel to see my book trailer, if you’re interested.

Anyway, here’s my sample outline on careers:

Sample outline for a research paper on careers

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