Wikipedia Game for Middle School Teachers


Are you gonna play the Wikipedia game? Or are you one of those stubborn old cronies who wants to pretend Wikipedia doesn’t exist?

Well it does exist.


I said it.

Not only does Wikipedia exist, but people use it every day as a general reference. If Wikipedia doesn’t get taught in school, then students won’t be able to distinguish it from any other resource. Do you really want that karma hanging over your head?

So get over yourselves, English teachers! It’s time to face the music. And the following Wikipedia research handout will help kids have a fun time surfing through Wikipedia, learning its ins and outs, as they complete their research paper on careers. All I ask is this: if you use my handouts, please like, tweet, or pin them.

And by the way, to get the second half of my Wikipedia handout, you’ll have to go to my Pinterest page or message me by leaving a comment.

Rant over.

Wikipedia research guide with bibliography info at the top of the page

Image: If you use my handouts, worksheets, lesson plans, or other activities, please like them, pin them, or tweet about them. Thanks!

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