#Blogging Tips: How to Get Lots of #Followers

historical setting of esperanza rising by Muñoz Ryan, Pam

Image: iClipart

Now granted, I’ve pirated some of these ideas off of other bloggers, but those people who’ve “made it big” in the blogging world say it has something to do with each of these:

  • Post regularly — Once a week is fine, but daily or every-other-day is even better.
  • Offer freebies — Like I said in last week’s post, if you have a hobby like making stained glass angels, give one away on your website once in a while. Just ask people to hit the “like” button or tweet about the giveaway, then come back to your blog to leave a comment saying how they helped promote your giveaway event. You’ll need to make sure your comment setup on your blog requires contact info, so you can notify the winner.
  • Search “Yahoo Answers” for questions related to your blog’s topic — This website is a place where people submit a question and wait for other Yahoo members to offer up an answer. If, like I said last week, you like to restore old cars (and you find yourself blogging about that), go to Yahoo Answers and scan through the questions in the automotive section. You may have the answers people need. When you answer, offer a link to your car-restoration blog. As long as your blog is truly related to the questions you’re answering, no one is going to complain.
  • Make sure your Gravitar displays your blog
  • Mention your blog often when online — Be careful about this one, though. A lot of forums won’t allow you to plug your blog. In those cases, leave your comments humbly and keep your fingers crossed that people will notice the link you’ve provided on your profile page.
  • Put a “watermark” on all your photos/images/videos — When people post your photos and/or artwork on Pinterest, you want to make it easy for others to find your blog.
  • Engage with your audience — Ask questions, leave comments, and participate in friendly dialogue online. Your comments shouldn’t always be about your book or website though. Just be friendly, like you would be in real life. Plugging your book shouldn’t be your only concern online. Believe it or not, just getting your name out there is sometimes enough to sell a book.
  • Load images with Google responses — I’m going to focus on this more fully next week.

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  1. Hey, I never thought about the giveaway. I could actually do it (I make jewellery)… I’m just not sure my site reqires contact info for posting. I don’t think so. How do I fix this?

    • Since your blog is with WordPress, it’s easy to make a contact form. Just start a new blog post, and right under the heading box (if you’re using the older posting method), it says “Add Media,” then “Add Poll,” then “Add Contact Form.” It will create a contact form for you that looks like this: http://chellywood.com/submit-a-question/

      That way other people can e-mail you, but you won’t be giving out your own e-mail to every blog reader.

      I’ll send you this same message as an e-mail too, just in case you don’t see it in my comments section. Thanks for commenting!

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