How to Build Your Platform as a Writer — Introduction


At PNWA’s 2014 Summer Writers’ Conference, I was honored to have been given an opportunity to teach a class to other writers. My class focused on using social media and the Internet to build a platform for your writing.

This week, and during the weeks that follow, I’ll be posting the tips and lessons I gave during that class. A few of my writerly-type friends at the PNWA conference just happened to be pitching during my presentation, so they asked me to be sure and share my knowledge via English Emporium’s blog.

The first thing I did–even before the class got underway–was to hand out a brainstorming sheet. The tricky part about this brainstorming sheet was this: you aren’t supposed to think too much about your books/your writing when you fill it out. Just be frank and honest with yourself.

I leave you with that handout. Yep, I’m giving you homework! This week you fill out the sheet; next week I’ll tell you what to do with it.


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