Small #Publishing Houses Offer Their Services at the PNWA Summer #Writers Conference: Part 1

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This post is is the first in yet another series of class notes I took at the 2014 PNWA Summer Writers’ Conference. I’m posting these notes for the benefit of other writers who wish they could attend writers’ conferences but either don’t have the means to do so or are otherwise unable to attend.

As the class began, each publisher took the floor to explain a little about her publishing house. I’m going to start with Coffeetown Press. Next week we’ll look at a publisher called Brown Sparrow Publishers.

Coffeetown Press started in 2008 by publishing just a few academic titles. Coffeetown is an approved publisher with both International Thriller Writers (ITW) and Mystery Writers of America (MWA). The speaker on behalf of Coffeetown Press was Catherine Treadgold.

A lot of the literature they produce is POD (print-on-demand). Coffeetown Press’ titles are published in trade paperback format and available for direct purchase on,,,, Amazon Japan, and The problem with POD has been poor quality in the past, but the latest POD material is looking much more elegant than it used to.

Coffeetown Press’ eBooks can be purchased through most major eBook retailers. Look for the Kindle version on the Amazons and the Nook version on Many other formats are available on Smashwords.

To hear more about how to publish with this and other small publishers, stop by English Emporium again next week when I share what Brown Sparrow Publishing had to say about their publishing house.



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