An Interview with #LiteraryAgents #KatieReed, John Rudolph, and #LucasHunt

Interview with three literary agents

Image: iClipart

Over the summer, I went to the PNWA Summer Writers’ Conference in Seattle, and while I was there, I attended an agents’ forum in which author Bob Dugoni asked a panel of 23 literary agents what genres they’re accepting, what they like or don’t like to hear in a pitch (and, I assume, query letters), and more. These are the notes I took based on Dugoni’s interview with literary agents Katie Reed, John Rudolph, and Lucas Hunt:

Katie Reed – She represents YA fiction, and she’s also looking for some adult fiction. As far as YA goes, she loves stories that have a literary quality to them. She loves fairy tales too. She wants to know the hook and the conflict in your pitch/query letter. She wants to know why you are the best person suited to write this story.

John Rudolph – He was a children’s book editor at Penguin for a long time. He reps everything from picture books to YA fiction. He also reps adult nonfiction. He likes to rep anything that’s got a narrative storyline. He does a very teeny-tiny bit of adult fiction. He doesn’t rep fantasy or romance for adults.

Lucas Hunt – His agency is best known for bare, simple, beautiful, philosophical crime fiction. He likes simple tales, not spy thrillers, just the ordinary persuit of justice. He likes international fiction with stories of people who leave America and face the struggle of existing in an exotic setting. He likes road stories. In nonfiction, he likes stories that are social, cultural introductions to the exotic through the lens of normality, so his parents could enjoy it too. The most successful people he has worked with are the kindest, so demonstrate that aura.

I really like that closing statement from Hunt. What a wonderful sentiment!


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