Social Issues Nonfiction Book Report Form–Free Printable


The Common Core curriculum requires that teachers put a larger emphasis on nonfiction reading materials. I’m willing to guess that your school’s library probably has a number of books on social issues, like:

  • dating
  • drug addiction
  • censorship
  • suicide
  • alcoholism
  • immigration
  • poverty

There are many more. For a more comprehensive list and a link to various Wikipedia pages on these topics, click here please.

Our school’s librarian once told me that these books almost never get checked out, yet they’re often well-written books, with lots of colorful graphics, interesting cover art, and of course, profoundly helpful information for teens and pre-teens.

I think one of the reasons why teachers stay away from these books is because they don’t know how to assign book reports on these serious topics, and each topic is so unique, that a basic book report form may not ask all the right questions.

Well I’ve designed a book report form that does ask all the right questions. Download my Social Issues Book Report Form below and fear the social-issues-book-report no more!

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Free Book Report Form Template nonfiction for middle school

Free Handout Created by Chelly Wood

Nonfiction Book Report Form for Middle School

Free Handout Created by Chelly Wood


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