Letter Writing Format For Kids


The basic letter writing formats that I teach are also available on this website, on the Letters page (see link). Please note that this website also has a section for addressing envelopes, as kids often have a tough time with that. Furthermore, I offer nine helpful tips for using e-mail successfully on the E-mail page. I’ll post those tips next week, so we don’t leave the digital piece out of the picture.

Last week I posted a list of celebrity addresses and ideas for letter-writing projects in the classroom. I recommend that you have your students use either block or semi-block letter format for their letters to celebrities.

This is how I break it down, in terms of which type of format one should use:

  • If one person is mailing a letter to another person, go with friendly letter format (unless they are a stranger to you).
  • If one person is mailing a letter to a business, then you want semi-block letter format. This is also a good format when writing to someone you barely know.
  • If you’re a business person mailing a letter to another business, then you should use full block format.

Disclaimer: I’ve never seen this “code” written down in a grandiose book of letter etiquette; that just seems like a good way to break down the formats in a way that kids will understand.

With that said, here are the three basic letter-writing formats. You may click to enlarge it:

examples of letter formats for kids

Image: My Own Design
Artwork: iClipart


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