Is it “He and I” or “Me and him”?

She and I or me and her ?

Image: iClipart

This is a question about double subjects. When you have two subjects at the start of the sentence, do you say “He and I did this or that” or do you say “Me and him did this or that”?

The right pronoun makes sense if you use it alone. Sometimes you have to change the verb to match a singular subject though.

Here’s what I mean:

In the sentence, “He and Jonathan are going to a movie,” does it make more sense to say, “Him is going to a movie?” or  “He is going to a movie”?

Since Him obviously sounds weird without Jonathan, that means He is the correct pronoun for the sentence.

It’s as simple as that.

Let’s change Jonathan to I/me and see how the pronouns work alone in the sentence too, just for kicks.

Is it I went to a movie or Me went to a movie?

Yeah. Obviously Me doesn’t sound right there.

So if the original sentence said He and I went to a movie, you’ve got the right pronouns going on. It would never be He and me went to a movie because me doesn’t work alone in that sentence.


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