Nonfiction DIY Projects Books for Middle School–Reading Suggestions With Free Printable Nonfiction Book Report Form


I’ll bet there are some wonderful DIY project books on your school library’s shelf already. Have you asked your school’s librarian? Some of my favorites are:

Be sure and mention these to your librarian if they’re not yet on your library’s shelves. They’re awesome! They teach kids how to make paper airplanes, how to perform magic tricks with dollar bills, how to come up with face painting designs, how to make masks and puppets, and so much more!

And here’s the handout I give my students to compare and contrast various DIY project books from our library. (Students work together in pairs to fill this out, comparing and contrasting one DIY project book to another.) If you like to print and use my free handouts, please link to this website and/or tweet about it to help spread the word. It’s also okay to pin my creations on your Pinterest page. Just offer a link back to English Emporium. Thanks!

nonfiction book report template middle school

Free Printable Handout Created by Chelly Wood

Nonfiction Book Report Template Middle School

Free Printable Handout Created by Chelly Wood


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