Common Core Nonfiction Book Sets You Already Own!


Yes, you already own a few of these–maybe as many as a dozen–and if you send out a quick e-mail asking everyone in your building to donate some of theirs too, you’ll have a classroom set in no time, with no expense to you or the school district.

What books am I talking about? Your phone books! That’s right, the yellow pages can provide your students with hours of fun nonfiction reading in cooperative groups.

Below you’ll find the handout that I use in my classroom to introduce my students to phone books. Once we’ve done this activity, we can follow it up with the Wikipedia/World Book Encyclopedia research projects that I posted back in October. (Be sure and look back at those! They’re awesome handouts and totally free to download!)

Yes, phone books can be used in many ways as nonfiction reading tools. Teach kids how to skim, how to use alphabetical order, and how to find an address or phone number using this helpful nonfiction resource!

If you like my ideas (and/or my free handouts), remember to spread the word. Like this website on FB, tweet about this post, and consider adding a link from your school’s website to English Emporium. Isn’t social media a wonderful thing?

Anyway, here’s my Career and College Readiness Scavenger Hunt Activity that’s meant to be used with a set of phone books:

Career and College Readiness Handout Worksheet Graphic Organizer

Free Worksheet Created by Chelly Wood

Common Core Nonfiction Book Sets Recommendations

Free Printable Handout Created by Chelly Wood


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