Student-Led Conference Form Checklist for Middle School

Student-Led Conference Portfolio Handouts

Image: iClipart

Parent-teacher conferences don’t usually begin until October or November, but I thought I’d post my handy-dandy Student-Led Conference Form Checklist, which I use at the middle school where I teach language arts.

It’s an ideal checklist for language arts, but I’m offering it as a downloadable, printable, adaptable document (although not a PDF). Hopefully this way you can doctor it to suit your needs, even if you don’t teach language arts.

Just print this document:

Language Arts Conference Forms

Change “Language Arts” to “Social Studies” or whatever subject you teach. Alter the words in various locations to meet your subject’s common core criteria.

I usually have the students write a letter to their parent, explaining the policies and procedures in my class. They read this out loud to their parents on conference night. But please re-word the form to suit your subject area.

My only request? Like this post! Tweet about it! Send a link to an English teacher you know! Please help get the word out so lots of teachers are able to use this website! Thanks. 🙂


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