Student-made Map of Treasure Island


I’ve taught Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, for 20 years. For any of my followers who are English or reading teachers, you really should have a look through all my Treasure Island stuff in the side margin under “Categories.” I have journal questions, essay test writing prompts, graphic images, and handouts available.

Today I’m posting a student-created map of Treasure Island, which you’re welcome to show your students. To make the map look archaic, the student steeped paper in tea and allowed it to dry before writing and drawing on it.

For writers who follow this blog, have you ever thought about creating a map of the world in which your characters reside? It can be very inspiring!

Here’s one of my students’ detailed maps of Treasure Island. Feel free to print it, photocopy it, and use it as classroom handouts:

Student-made Map of Treasure Island

Student-Created Map of Treasure Island


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