Topic Sentences for Patriotic Essays

Topic Ideas for Patriotic Themed Essays

Image: iClipart

Looking for some topic sentences for patriotic essay-writing? Here’s a long list of possible topic sentences for essays on patriotic themes:

Patriotic Topic Sentences

  • Many people come to America for religious freedom.
  • I dream of a world without war.
  • It is my opinion that free people do great things.
  • Although there is war, I dream of peace.
  • Many foresee a long war against terrorism.
  • We visualize a safe world for everyone.
  • We don’t always live together peacefully.
  • Every piece of our flag has meaning.
  • Abe Lincoln gave an honest speech from Gettysburg.

As I’ve noted in past posts, I also have a couple of YouTube videos available that teach kids how to write solid thesis statements. Here’s a link to one of those, and this is a link to another.

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