Common Core Goal Cards for a Bulletin Board

Image of Common Core Goals Bulletin Board

I created this image using a border I found at and Paintbrush.

The change to Common Core standards is going to be tricky to achieve, so this summer I have created “Common Core Goal Cards” to help me reach my goals for achieving these standards.

I’m going to set up a bulletin board with the following headings:

  • Common Core Goals
  • I Taught It
  • They’ve Sort-of Learned It
  • Achieved Mastery!

I’ve typed up each of the Common Core goals. I’ve printed them on color-coded paper (by categories). I will be laminating them, so they’ll be sturdy enough to staple, remove, and re-staple onto my bulletin board.

And just for you, my faithful readers, I’ve included a downloadable version! Click on each of the following to download the Common Core standards in a printable form. (Remember, I teach 7th grade English/language arts, so if you teach some other grade level, you’ll need to use these as a template but adjust the goals to suit your grade.)

7th Grade Language Arts Common Core Goal Cards:

Language Standards 7

Reading Informational Texts 7

Reading Literature 7

Reading Range and Quality and Complexity of Texts

Speaking and Listening Standards 7

Writing Standards 7


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