Last Day of School Before Summer Break


Last day of school before summer vacation release ?Today is the last day of school (for teachers) before summer break, and although I still have tons of templates, lesson plans, worksheets, journal questions, and more to share with you, I’m thinking I’ll take things slower over the summer months. I may do one post per month until September, for example.


I know some of my readers/followers teach summer school. If you’d like me to continue to post my goodies once a week throughout the summer months, just leave a comment. If I get enough comments, I’ll go ahead and post weekly.

But silence from my readers simply means you’re on vacation too, and you’d rather not have all those posts in your email in-box when you return from summer vacation this coming fall. Or… you may wish to post a comment asking me to PLEASE avoid posting all summer long.

It’s up to you.

We all hate to have to clean up our in-box, first thing, when return from summer vacation. So I’ll do whatever the majority wishes.

To post or not to post? That is the question…


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