Digital Lesson Plan Templates: SIOP, Charlotte Danielson, Common Core Lesson Plan Templates

SIOP and Charlotte Danielson Lesson Plan Template Forms

Image: iClipart

If you’d like to see my completed lesson plan templates for various subjects like poetry, Treasure Island, folklore, grammar, and more, visit and click on “Lesson Plans for Language Arts” or “Lesson Plans for Reading,” accordingly.

I have noticed that my standard lesson plan forms get downloaded from that website quite often, so I thought I’d just offer all the different lesson plan forms that I’ve used over the years, right here. The “SIOP” ones offer a checklist on the first page, so you can check off which standards you’re covering:

SIOP lesson plan for Senior English

Sample SIOP Lesson Plan for Geography

Common Core Language Arts Lesson Plan Blank (Charlotte Danielson-Style)

Basic Foreign Language Lesson Plan Form

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