Another T-Chart for Teachers to Use When Comparing and Contrasting



T Chart for Compare Contrast Graphic Organizer Free

Image: iClipart

In 2012, I got more hits on this website for my T-chart than for any other teacher tool offered here. Well, I’ve decided it’s time to revisit the concept of the T-chart for comparing and contrasting concepts.

As you may recall, my students have been working on “career and college readiness” research papers. I designed a chart that helps kids compare and contrast careers in three categories: careers I’d love, careers I’d hate, and careers that I need to know more about.

This chart is supposed to be used in conjunction with a traditional telephone book. If you don’t have any telephone books, ask around. Most people have one they use and three they don’t. Ask parents and staff members to donate and start a collection!

The rewards to using this activity are multifarious. Students learn to use the Yellow Pages–no, not the digital kind, the other kind–while expanding their career and college readiness knowledge. They also practice alphabetical order with this activity, and they get lots of practice at reading nonfiction and graphic images in a real-life, business-like, and useful way.

The instructions for the activity are found at the top of the handout I’ve provided. Here it is, free for you to download, and it’s got that newer version of my T-chart, comparing and contrasting careers (although you could adapt it to whatever activity you’d like):

Local Careers Scavenger Hunt

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