Free Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer / Worksheet to Accompany the YouTube Video

How to teach students about the trustworthiness of websites like Wikipedia

Image: iClipart

So my last post displayed the YouTube video that I created for teaching thesis statement basics to kids/teens. It’s especially helpful if you’re teaching the three-point thesis that coordinates well with a fundamental five-paragraph essay.

Today I’m posting the handout (graphic organizer) that goes with my video. You’ll find the questions on this worksheet–especially the questions on the first page–match the questions and concepts on that YouTube video that I posted last time.

Just in case you’re not good at navigating through my blog, here’s a link to the YouTube video that goes with the following handout:

Thesis Statement Graphic Organizer

Have fun teaching thesis statements folks! And remember, show your gratitude for my freebees by linking, posting, and spreading the word about my helpful websites. Thanks a bunch!


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