Compare and Contrast Characters Essay Test

Essay Questions for Final Exams in English Literature

Image: iClipart

Want an essay test in which each student is asked to compare and contrast a different pair of characters and/or settings? I’ve designed one, and I’m sharing it with you right here (click to download)!

I teach Treasure Island, so this test offers compare/contrast questions on the characters from the novel, Treasure Island. However, it would be simple enough to change the characters to suit whatever novel you’ve been teaching. So, for example, let’s say you’re teaching Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; just go to Microsoft Word’s search-and-replace tool; search for Treasure Island and change all of them to Jane Eyre with the touch of a button.

Granted, you’ll have to manually pick the characters you want to use, but other than that, the work is done for you. It even includes a sample flowchart, so students will remember to do the pre-writing step before they begin their essays.

In case you also teach Treasure Island specifically, here’s my study guide for the Treasure Island final exam. It prepares students very well for this test in particular. If you wanted to adapt this for Jane Eyre, it certainly is possible, though it might take a little more work on your part.

If you find my graphic organizers, handouts, and tests helpful, please tell a friend about this site! Thanks!


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