Biographical Book Report Form

Graphic Organizer Book Report Form

Image: iClipart

Now that states are beginning to adopt the Common Core curriculum, reading teachers will need to focus largely on nonfiction. I was at a “Total Instructional Alignment” symposium in June, where I learned that 75% of the reading questions on the Common Core Assessment will focus on nonfiction reading.

Of course biographies are just one piece of the nonfiction puzzle, but it’s one piece that most English/language arts/ESL/ELL teachers are familiar with. So I’m posting the  Biographic Book Rpt Form Graphic Organizer (just click to download) that I have designed, right here. You can adapt it to your needs, but it teaches a number of vocabulary concepts that will most likely appear on the Common Core tests:

  • Timeline
  • Autobiography vs. Biography
  • Anecdote
  • Interview
  • Graphic Representation

Next week I’ll be posting my handout for study and analysis of nonfiction books on social issues. Be sure to stop in and check that one out.

As always, if you like this free handout, follow my blog, like it on Facebook, link to it, tell a friend, etc. It would be nice if more English/language arts/ELL/ESL teachers knew that this helpful website exists.


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