Vocabulary for Advanced Learners

Vocabulary for Advanced Learners

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer for Advanced LearnerWhat do you do with that student who is very advanced, in terms of vocabulary? Maybe they know all the spelling words you’re teaching. How do you keep from taking away time from the other students, but still offer them a challenging vocabulary list?

I have the perfect solution. It’s self-motivated, self-driven, and the instructions are clear. All you need is a document (online or hard copy) for the student to scan at their Lexile level, and it doesn’t matter what that Lexile level is.

Hand your advanced learner this fun and easy-to-fill-out graphic organizer along with a document to read at their Lexile level. As far as your document goes, if you’re teaching high school, I recommend contacting your state for a voter’s pamphlet. They’re incredibly difficult to read, with lots of legal jargon that’s usually WAY above kids’ heads (not to mention the heads of the average voter)! If your student is in middle school or junior high, try loading a Wikipedia page on any literary concept: courtly love, euphemisms, iambic pentameter, poetic licensesarcasm, understatement, etc… If they really read through the whole page, they should be able to easily find at least twelve terms they’re somewhat unfamiliar with. At the same time, they will learn a new literary concept!

If you teach science, social studies, math, or another subject, the concept is the same, but use the advanced concepts related to your subject area. If you have a whole classroom full of students who are advanced, but only three computers, print off a Wikipedia article on the topic most relevant to whatever the class is studying.

While other students work on their vocabulary assignment, have your advanced student scan their document (online or hard copy) for twelve words they don’t know or only partly understand. Give them a week or two to study the twelve words they’ve chosen.

Then give them this Alternative Vocabulary Test over ten of their twelve words. The test is simple and self-driven, so you can be testing other students while your advanced student works on his/her test without your assistance. That’s right! Your advanced student flies solo on test day! All you need to grade their test is the test itself–no answer key is needed.

How handy is that?


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