Change to English Emporium’s “Blog” Section

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I’m going to be changing English Emporium’s “Blog” section. During my summer vacation, I’ve been paying attention to English Emporium’s stats page, and I’ve begun to notice a trend.

I get more hits for my T-chart than anything literature-related. What does this tell me? People who follow this blog are other English teachers, looking for worksheets, graphic organizers, and other resources. From now on, I plan to blog about things teachers will find most useful: the resources my readers are looking for. I may only post blog entries once a week, but I’ll offer up the wonderful worksheets, study guides, charts, graphic organizers, and Powerpoint presentations that I’ve created over the twenty years I’ve been teaching.

That way my readership will be able to benefit from all the great stuff I’ve designed. I hope this will be most helpful to all my followers.

If there’s anything you wish I would post, please make a comment. I do read and monitor my comments, even in the summer, and if I’ve got something created that you’re in need of, I’ll gladly post it.

I’m leaving next week to attend the PNWA writer’s conference, so I won’t be blogging for a while, but watch for my first post in a few weeks.


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