Treasure Island Online Final Exam, Question 6


Name three pirate idioms used in Treasure Island and explain what each one means. (Hint: an idiom is a saying, like “Walk the plank!”)

pirate idioms treasure island lesson plans

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  1. 1.walk the plant means to die
    2. shiver my shoul means surprised and shiver my timber means that something told had been a lie.

  2. 1. You may lay to that – you can bet on it.
    2. Shiver my timbers – are you kidding.
    3. Gentlemen o’ fortune- nice men.

  3. Question 6. “ Silence ther between the decks” , “Come nearer here” , “ A fiddle-stick’s end!”.

  4. One pirate idiom is “his last card” it means that it is his final resort. The second idiom is “lay to it” it means that you can bet on it. The third pirate idiom is “living thunder” it means by god.

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