Treasure Island Online Final Exam, Question 5


Hypothesize about how the treasure came to be on Treasure Island. Who was involved in gathering the treasure? What were their roles aboard the Walrus? Where was it buried? Who helped bury the treasure? Use examples from the book to prove your hypothesis. Remember, it’s these EXAMPLES that show the teacher you really paid attention to the book!

teachers guide for treasure island robert louis stevenson

Image: iClipart


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  1. The person who brought the gold onto Skeleton Island was captain john flint and his crew aboard the walrus. Some of those people were long john silver, black dog, Israel hands, and blind pew.

  2. I think that the treasure came to Treasure Island because Flint knew he was going to die so he didn’t want everyone to splurge in his treasure. I think everyone aboard his ship was involved in gathering the treasure for Flint because they thought they would get some. It was buried in three different spots on Treasure Island. Only Captain Flint was the one who buried the treasure.

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