Treasure Island Online Final Exam, Question 4


Who is the bravest character in the novel, Treasure Island? Justify your answer with examples from the book. Remember, students, you’re PROVING  to your teacher that you’ve really read this book! So make your examples count!

treasure aboard the hispaniola robert louis stevenson

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  1. Final Exam Question 4

    The bravest character is Long John Silver because he always tells orders and got the treasure and he would get the Hispaniola. He has one leg and he joined the pirates.

  2. I think the brave’s character was Jim Hawkins why I think he was brave because he sailed the Hispaniola at a young age leaving his mother behind and sailing with other pirates and captains for the treasure and for the captain that brought him aboard the ship for the map.

  3. I think the bravest character was Jim because he was just a little kid that agreed to go on the ship with older men and just leave him mother. Another reason I think it is Jim is because he stol the ship from the mean people and gave it to the good people

  4. Question 2 I a mutiny happened what would you do?
    If a mutiny happened I would help the people that are mutiny the guy because I would hate to be killed or tossed over the boat
    Question 4 who are the bravest characters in the novel?
    I think the bravest character is Long John Silver because he has one leg Question 3 interview Long John Silver
    I would have to ask him what made find in your hart to marry a the women your dating now and your still a blood thirsty pirate? I would ask him that because his evil but he risked his life for the women he loved.
    2nd question is why did you name your parrot Flint when Flints a man and your parrots a women? I ask that because Flint`s a man and the parrots a women.
    3rd question is have you found any treasure and can you name the top 3 men you would want to work with again? I would ask him that because pirates are the toughest and know maps really well.
    Question 1
    1. Question 1
    2. Compass
    3. Spanish watch
    4. Bar of silver
    5. Pistols
    6. Tobacco
    7. Tin caking
    8. West Indian shells
    9. Coins
    10. Trinkets
    11. Quadrant
    12.Oil cloth
    13. Boat cloak
    and he tried to join the pirates and he turned on his pirate team and Jim Hawkins and ran off with the gold I thought that was brave and his an interesting character

  5. Question 4. I think Jim Hawkins is the bravest cause he went through a lot on the ship and helped people that were really rude and mean.

  6. I think that the bravest person in treasure island is long john flint because he is risking his live threw the batles just trying to get the treasure.

  7. I think that Jim Hawkins is the bravest because he ran away from the squire, the captain, and the doctor to set float to the Hispaniola and take it to the North Inlet Anchorage.

  8. I think the bravest character would be Ben Gunn. I think he is because he had the courage to live off the island when he was marooned. What really surprised me was that he was the one who found the treasure. Well not all the treasure there was two other spots that Captain Flint buried the treasure.

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