What is rising action?

lesson plans for students all reading different books

Image: iClipart

In a story, play, or movie, the rising action is when things start to heat up. If you’d like to learn more about it, click on this link in Wikipedia and read up on it. What events happen at the start of your classic novel to create rising action?

Please tell the name of the novel you’re reading at the start of your comment. Then describe the events that create rising action in the classic novel you’re reading.


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  1. The rising action in THE PEARL is a series of things. First the baby is stung by a scorpion. Then it is rushed to a doctor in town. He does not have enough money to pay the doctor. He goes diving for pearls. He notices all kinds of pearls. He sees a big gleaming light. He dives down to the bottom and gets it. Later he finds out it is “the pearl.”The doctor finds out and goes and treats the baby. He finds out the sting could make the baby ill and kill it. He comes back and gives it medicine. It ends up healing the baby.

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