Who is the protagonist?

reading lesson plans

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Who is the protagonist in the classic novel you’re reading? Describe him or her here. Include the following information please:

  1. The title of the book you’re reading
  2. The name of that book’s protagonist
  3. A brief description of the protagonist
  4. Your opinion of the protagonist

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  1. The protaganist or the main character of THE OUTSIDERS is a boy named Ponyboy. Ponyboy is a greeser and the greasers are the low class. Ponyboy faces some problems when the head Soc (prounoced sosh). The soc is the villain but when Ponyboy and his buddy Johnny stabbed him because he was drowning Ponyboy. The Two outlaws become heroes when they help out a family and got their kids out of their hideout in the local church which was on fire. Then later on Johnny dies from third degree burns. To wrap up this section the protagonist was Ponyboy and Johnny.

  2. The protagonists
    The protagonist In my book the call of the wild the protagonists named chuck he is a loving and playful dog and he has many good loving people around him and one day he was out walking around and got captured by these villainous people they came and took him from his family and he got beat and was never feed and other dogs and some even died and it is a very sad book. I hope no one would ever do that to their own animal ever.

    2. Gulliver.
    3. He is a tad irresponsible and arrogant.
    4. He really needs to mature and gain some responsibility.

  4. 1. The books’ title is Brian’s winter The third book in the Hatchet saga
    2. Brian is the protagonist in Brian’s winter
    3. It says Brian is 13.
    4. My opinion is Brian learns a lot in the Hatchet series , but he learned most in Brian’s winter

  5. 1.My side of the mountain
    2.Sam Gribly
    3. Is a boy who gets sick of living in the city with seven siblings and runs away to the Catskill mountain to find his grandfathers farm.
    4.I think he is a smart and resorceful kid who is very brave.

  6. The title of the book I’m reading is THE PEARL.
    The name of that book’s protagonist is Kino.
    A brief description of the protagonist is a strong and very thoughtful person.
    My opinion of the protagonist is a very nice and unselfish person.He thinks about others before himself.

  7. 1. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    2. Huckleberry Finn
    3.Huckleberry Finn also called ”Huck” is a boy and is in the lowest levels of white society. His father ”Pap” Finn is the town drunk. His best friend Tom Sawyer and him always get in trouble.He only has his dad and his mom is never mentioned.He only has old and ripped clothing and shoes.
    4.I think Huckleberry Finn is a fun guy to be around he loves the spirit of adventure. He also is very energetic.

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