Invent your own fairy tale…

fairy story for children

Image: iClipart

To earn this extra credit, you must write a fairy tale–it must include a fairy (possibly as the protagonist or antagonist)–and you’ve got to include each of the following words in your story:

Now if you don’t know what those words mean, I’ve included a link to the Wikipedia page on each of them. I don’t care how you use these words in your fairy tale, but it must be school-appropriate. It must also suit the genre of fairy tale, by including magic and at least one fairy.

Your setting can be modern-day or long ago in a land far, far away.

This is the trick: you can’t write it as a fable. It must be a fairy tale. You can’t write it as a legend either, so it can’t include any real people, living or dead. And it can’t be a myth. So make sure you understand the definition of fairy tale before you begin writing your story!

Also, you must use the bulleted words in their correct context. So in other words, it’s not acceptable to just name your characters “Marmalade”, “Redundant”, and “Fatigue”–that won’t do. If you try to cheat like this (instead of looking up the links and reading about them) then your story will be disqualified for not following directions.

Remember to put a space between your paragraphs, and don’t forget this rule: new speaker = new paragraph. Use quotation marks for dialog. Use good spelling and punctuation overall. If you need help, consult your “English Handbook Pages“.

The student with the most creative story will earn a badge on Edmodo. All contest entries must be submitted by 3:00 Mountain Time on Friday, March 16th, in order to qualify for the Edmodo badge.

There. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Will you rise to the challenge? Submit your story as a comment, either here or under “Journal Online”. Winners will be announced on March 18.


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  1. There once was a fairy who granted wishes for all. The old, the young, the happy, the sad, the good, the bad. She got so tired of having to be five million places at once. People always wanted new clothes or no chores and as usual, more money.

    One day when she had a ten second break, she got the idea of faking her death, so she could finally rest. She thought of a brilliant plan to tell a lie that all the stores in the world had stopped selling a personal product. She knew it had to be a personal product so companies didn’t look bad.

    The news had spread that the fairy was dead. The fairy secretly teleported to the bottom of a mountain. She decided that she would go hiking. When the fairy got about one-fourth the way up the mountain she came across a beast known as the Sasquatch who had redundant eyes and tails. At first the fairy thought the Sasquatch was an experimented lab ape.

    After the fairy followed the Sasquatch she found out the beast ate marmalade from hiker pollution. She found that the beast wasn’t a bad thing after all, so she cured the beast. After about two days she got bored and fatigued from not being on the go. So she returned to the city to show that she wasn’t dead. She soon found that all the people of the city didn’t realize how good they had it. Once the entire world had found the truth everyone stopped asking for so much.

  2. there once was a a little fairy named AnnaBella and she kept on redundanting her hair because she wanted to look really pretty for her boyfriend .then her and her boyfriend went off and they saw sasquacth and they started screaming

  3. There ou=nced live one beautiful working lady named boberella. Everyne in the kingdom would redundant her name and how her mother would treat her with hatred.One day they got a letter from the most dashing prince in the village, and eb=very single ladie wanted to be his one true love. As soon as the price came to the front door he saw what could of been his one true love then a sasquatch came and ate them both. The End.

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